What does “ŠKODA Plus” mean?

ŠKODA Plus is a used cars sales program from certified sellers in the ŠKODA AUTO Czech Republic network . All cars in this program are required to meet strict quality criteria and provide a satisfaction guarantee.

ŠKODA Plus cars come with a wide range of customer benefits and, most importantly, a top-quality service environment from the ŠKODA dealer. To make your decision even easier, you can choose from our exclusive financial options through ŠKODA Financial Services.

With ŠKODA Plus you can also get:

We have a Buyback Bonus

If you decide to choose a car in the ŠKODA Plus program, we will take your existing vehicle off your hands.

Insurance and Financing through ŠKODA Financial Services

ŠKODA Financial Services offers you customized financing options and you can also choose from a range of branded insurance products through ŠKODA Insurance.


Choose a car and take a drive. All cars are ready for immediate test drive.

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ŠKODA Technical Background

Sales locations with a full background of authorized ŠKODA services.

Pre-Sales Vehicle Preparation

All cars are fully equipped and prepared to be sold under the ŠKODA service.

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Seller Certification by ŠKODA AUTO

Each partner of the ŠKODA Plus program must meet strict quality criteria.

What we offer:

Year-old cars

Nearly new used cars - these are ŠKODA Plus year-old cars in perfect condition. By purchasing a year-old car, you can be confident that it meets the highest requirements.

Beyond the benefits of ŠKODA Plus, you will get:

  • Vehicle that is no older than 18 months old/ 30,000 km mileage
  • Mileage, service history and technical condition
  • 4 to 5 year extended factory warranty

Tested Used cars

The tested car category includes used cars of all brands that are up to five years old and that meet strict quality criteria. In addition to the purchase of vehicles that have been approved by technical specialists, ŠKODA Plus partner will offer you the following advantages beyond the benefits of the program:

Vehicle Certificate

With the purchase of vehicles through the ŠKODA Plus program, you will receive a certificate guaranteeing that:

  • The vehicle has not been registered as stolen in the Czech Republic within the date of certification
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) does not contain any unauthorized characters and corresponds to the vehicle brand specifications

12-Month Warranty

Ask your ŠKODA Plus Dealer for a 12-month warranty for your new car. Under warranty, you will be protected from unexpected expenses.

Used cars

The Used car category includes used cars of all brands older than 5 years. Even without an assigned program, your vehicle is shielded by ŠKODA Plus. After purchase, you will get:

  • Proof of vehicle purchase in an authorized ŠKODA AUTO network
  • Warranty that the vehicle is operational
  • Verification that the MOT will be valid 6 months after the purchase date
  • Top to bottom interior cleaning

* You will find the validation of services with your ŠKODA Plus partner.

of ŠKODA Plus

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. certified dealer sales system

  • Free annual check-up
  • ŠKODA AUTO factory warranty
  • Excellent car insurance
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Used Car

Did you choose a car? We’ll help you finance it.

  • Low installment
  • Free of charge
  • No price inflation
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