Year-old cars

What does ŠKODA Plus “Year-old cars” mean?

Nearly new used ŠKODA vehicles that are up to 18 months old and have a maximum of 30,000 km miles - these are ŠKODA Plus Yearly cars in perfect condition. By purchasing a year-old car, you can be confident that it meets the highest requirements. Once all ŠKODA Plus year-old cars leave the factory, there is an automatic 4 to 5 year factory warranty from ŠKODA AUTO.

Vehicle that is no older than 18 months old/ 30,000 km mileage

From the date of production to the kilometers traveled overall, it’s basically a brand new car.

Mileage, service history and technical condition

The year-old cars are only serviced by authorized service centers, so you are guaranteed to have precise mileage calibrations and exceptional technical qualifications.

4 to 5 year extended factory warranty

ŠKODA AUTO offers you a 4 to 5-year factory warranty valid from the date of commission.

of ŠKODA Plus

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. certified dealer sales system

  • Free annual check-up
  • ŠKODA AUTO factory warranty
  • Excellent car insurance
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